Marcus Grodi and his guests address the personal obstacles, doctrinal objections, and the irresistible attraction to the Church Jesus founded 2,000 years ago.
2021-11-23 - DEACON LOU AARON
Nov 23, 2021
Marcus Grodi welcomes Deacon Lou Aaron to discuss how his battle with alcoholism helped him rediscover his Catholic roots.
2021-11-16 - JIM WAHLBERG
Nov 16, 2021
Jim Wahlberg joins Marcus Grodi to share how a visit from Mother Teresa to the prison where he was an inmate help start him on the path back to his Catholic faith. 
Nov 9, 2021
Former Evangelical youth ministers Doug and Dawn Doughan share what led them to enter the Catholic Church. Marcus Grodi hosts.
2021-11-02 - JOELLE MARYN
Nov 2, 2021
Marcus Grodi welcomes Joelle Maryn, a Catholic who lost her faith while working in the fashion industry, to share what led her back to the Church.
2021-10-26 - CHRISTINE FLYNN
Oct 26, 2021
Christine Flynn, a former agnostic who dabbled in the occult, shares what led her to the Catholic Church. Marcus Grodi hosts.
2021-10-19 - BO BONNER
Oct 19, 2021
Former Evangelical Protestant seminarian Bo Bonner joins Marcus Grodi to share what led him to become Catholic.
2021-10-12 - NIKKI KINGSLEY
Oct 12, 2021
Marcus Grodi welcomes Nikki Kingsley, a former Muslim, to share her journey to the Catholic Church.
2021-09-28 - Fr. Peter and Judy Davids
Sep 28, 2021
Marcus Grodi welcomes Fr. Peter Davids and his wife Judy to share their journey from the Plymouth Brethren through the Episcopal and Vineyard churches before they felt God leading them to the Catholic faith.
2021-09-21 - Adam Crawford
Sep 21, 2021
Former nondenominational minister Adam Crawford shares how teaching a class on Christian history at his church played a major role in his decision to become Catholic. Marcus Grodi hosts.
2021-09-14 - A Tribute to Dr. Thomas Howard
Sep 14, 2021
Marcus Grodi and Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson look back at the legacy of the late Dr. Thomas Howard, and feature remembrances and clips from Steve Ray, Fr. Sebastian White, O.P., Ken Craycraft and many others as we recall the great gift of Dr. Howard's faith.
2021-08-24 - Dr. William Saunders
Aug 24, 2021
Dr. Bill Saunders from the Institute of Human Ecology at Catholic University of America shares how St. Josephine Bakhita helped lead him from Evangelical Protestantism to the Catholic faith. Marcus Grodi hosts.
2021-08-10 - Jeff Miller
Aug 10, 2021
Former atheist Jeff Miller, author of the "Curt Jester" blog, shares how beauty, truth, and the prayers of his wife helped lead him to the Catholic faith. Marcus Grodi hosts.
2021-07-27 - Dr. MaryJo Burchard
Jul 27, 2021
Marcus Grodi welcomes former nondenominational missionary Dr. MaryJo Burchard to talk about how her lifelong desire to follow Jesus eventually led her to the Catholic Church.
2021-07-13 - 07/12/21 Kenny Burchard
Jul 13, 2021
Former Foursquare pastor Kenny Burchard shares how questions about Scripture and authority led him to step down from ministry, and eventually enter the Catholic Church. Marcus Grodi hosts.
2021-06-29 - 06/28/21 James and Kelli Beaumont
Jun 29, 2021
James and Kelli Beaumont were serving in Methodist youth ministry, but were shocked when some close friends became Catholic. They share how that friendship played a role in their own Catholic journey. Marcus Grodi hosts.
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