Every Wednesday night, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, interviews various guests seeking to teach and prepare us for evangelism. Learn more about your faith and reawaken your desire to bring others to the Church.
The President of the American College of Pediatricians, Dr. Quentin Van Meter, joins Fr. Mitch to discuss the dangers inherent in the current medical and public policy approaches to children with gender identity issues.
Fr. Mitch and Fr. Michael Giesler discuss what it means to be “God’s fellow workers” as written in Corinthians. Our mission to spread the Gospel requires us to be co-redeemers with Christ for the sake of the human race.
Fr. Mitch welcomes filmmaker, speaker and radio show host, Donald J. Johnson to discuss how the infamous principle of sola scriptura, AKA the “Bible alone,” created 500 years of doctrinal chaos and sectarian division.
In this one-on-one with Fr. Mitch, Fr. Jean Maroon Helou of St. Elias Maronite Church explains what drives their community to immigrate around the world, and the effect it has had on their close-knit Christian culture.
Scott Weeman, founder of the Catholic In Recovery ministry, talks to Fr. Mitch about how he found healing from addiction and new life through the 12-step program and the sacramental mercy provided by the Catholic Church.
Fr. Mitch welcomes author Joseph Pearce to talk about twelve of the most important books ever written, and how each work left its mark on the civilized world.
Fr. Mitch welcomes Chad McEachern, President and CEO of Edmundite Missions, to discuss how the Edmundites share the love of Christ as they meet the ever-changing needs of those in extreme poverty in the deep south.
Fr. Mitch welcomes Marlene Watkins, Foundress of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers to discuss the healings of body, mind and spirit that take place every day at Our Lady’s Grotto in Lourdes, France.
Hallow is a simple, easy-to-use mobile app that helps people foster a prayer relationship with God. Meet the co-founders of what has quickly become the most downloaded Catholic app for guided prayer and meditation.
Fr. Mitch welcomes Louis Brown, Jr. to discuss religious freedom for medical professionals and their patients, including a health care community that offers pro-life health care and wellness, spiritual care and prayer.
What does it mean to “be holy?” Fr. Mitch and Dr. Scott Hahn trace the meaning of holiness through the Scriptures and reveal how God transmits His holiness to His people, transforming us in the sharing of His divine life.
Whenever we’re in despair, it’s important to remember that we are not alone. The Rev. Robert J. Baker explains how prayers of desperation can usher us through the fog and turmoil of unplanned or unwanted situations.
Over 200 inmates and guests join Fr. Mitch for this EWTN Live Christmas presentation from the state prison in Beaumont, Texas. Attend Mass in the prison chapel, and hear an incredible concert of sacred songs and carols.
In this EWTN Live special Christmas presentation, Fr. Mitch heads to the maximum security state prison in Beaumont, Texas to talk one-on-one with inmates about how salvation, peace and beauty can even be found in prison.
Cristofer Pereyra talks about the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative’s work to equip lay Catholic professionals to be virtuous leaders, support the mission of the Church, and influence the culture by serving the common good.
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