Conversations with Consequences

"Conversations with Consequences" is the voice of The Catholic Association, offering a weekly hour of thoughtful dialogue—with the leading thinkers of our time— on the most consequential issues of our day.
With the HHS transgender mandate being pushed about by the Biden Administration, Montse Alvarado of EWTN News In Depth offers a clear perspective of what this means for conscience protections--not to mention--safety of our kids!
With the Biden administration's latest push with the transgender mandate, Father Dave Pivonka joins to discuss the detrimental impact this will have on young female athletes especially in college sports.
Notre Dame law professor Carter Snead joins the show to discuss his new Women and Children First initiative--helping mothers and families choose life in a post-Roe world.
Catholic convert and author Leah Libresco joins to discuss her own personal story suffering ectopic pregnancies as secular media has been spreading falsities with the reversal of Roe.
Dr. Grazie Christie and Maureen Ferguson sit down with Senator Mike Lee to discuss his new book, Saving Nine: The Fight Against the Left’s Audacious Plan to Pack the Supreme Court and Destroy American Liberty.
With all the fallacies flying around about how the reversal of Roe will only harm women, Dr. Donna Harrison joins debunking the most outlandish claims and setting the record straight on the real harm abortion is on the baby and mother.
With the reversal of Roe v. Wade. we talk with Marie Joseph of Legacy of Life Foundation all about the important work they are doing saving babies and helping mothers in need in Pennsylvania.
As the pride flag has infiltrated almost every arena of public life, Mary Hasson of the Ethics and Public Policy Center joins with a look at how Catholics can combat this ideology that is hurting the most vulnerable--our children!
Dr. Grazie Christie speaks with Dr. Steven Christie about the best pro-life arguments as we imagine a post-Roe world. We also visit with Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life as she works with the pro-life generation--preparing for an era when abortion is unthinkable.
With the horrific Massacre in Nigeria on Pentecost Sunday, RFI's Stephen Rasche joins with his reaction. Fashion expert Nicole Caruso also joins with some tips for summer fashion--modesty intact!
With summer just around the corner, the TCA team talks all the best movies and books to read with your family.
Catholic author Melissa Overmyer joins with a look at her new book, From Worry to Wonder: A Catholic Guide to Finding Peace Through Scripture.
With the news of Cardinal Zen's arrest, Jimmy Lai's son Sebastian Lai joins with the latest on China's ongoing human rights abuses.
With the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Father Ben Kiely joins with the latest after his trip during the Easter Triduum. Kathryn Jean Lopez also joins discussing the passing of pro-life legend Vicki Thorn of Project Rachel.
The TCA team talks SCOTUS leak and Father Dave Pivonka of Franciscan University talks the real dangers of gender ideology.
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