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From the Diocese of Memphis, a popular destination for men to share experiences, strengthen their faith and become better husbands and fathers
2021-11-28 - From Atheist to Catholic
Nov 28, 2021
Leah Libresco Sargeant, a former atheist from Long Island, New York, became a Catholic and now ministers to those who have fallen into the humanist, secular and godless culture of the world.
2021-11-21 - If Christ Is Actually Our King: Living as True Disciples
Nov 21, 2021
As we celebrate the last Sunday of the Liturgical year, the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe, we must ask ourselves how our lives should be different if we actually lived what we say we believe, that Christ is our King.
2021-11-14 - The End of Times
Nov 14, 2021
Many fear the Second Coming partly because of the biblical description of the End of Days which the Church proclaims to us as the liturgical year comes to a close. But, we should not fear the time of Judgment as much as welcome the Victory of our Lord over sin and death.
2021-11-07 - Give Until It Hurts: Trust in the Lord
Nov 7, 2021
The stories of the gifts of the widows from the Old Testament reading from 1 Kings and from the Gospel of Mark speak of the great sacrifice in giving, but also in great trust that the Lord will provide to those who trust in him.
2021-10-03 - The End Goal Of Christianity
Oct 3, 2021
Evangelist and Catholic Speaker Matthew Leonard joins us to help us see that seeking divine intimacy with #God should be the ultimate and end goal of every #Christian. #Catholicism #Christianity
2021-09-26 - Experiential Learning And Religion
Sep 26, 2021
There is something beautiful about being #human. In fact, there is something divinely beautiful. Discover what makes our ability to experience life something that our loving Creator intended for us. #Catholicism #Christianity #God #Jesus
2021-09-19 - I Crucified Jesus
Sep 19, 2021
The second chapter of the Book Of Wisdom contains a telling prophecy of the #Crucifixion, but it also offers us a rare glimpse into the mind of the crucifier and that ultimately, each one of us is responsible for the pain that #Jesus felt. #God #Bible #Catholicism #Christianity #spirituality
2021-09-12 - Faith Without Works
Sep 12, 2021
Saint James is rather blunt when he tells us that #faith without works is dead, but it does aptly underlie the beautiful truth of our #Catholic faith that teaches us that faith and works go hand in hand. #faithalone #solafide #Bible #Jesus #Catholicism #Apologetics
2021-09-05 - Treating Those Who Have Less Better
Sep 5, 2021
We must treat the treasures of the #Church, those who are less powerful, wealthy and influential than us, will all the dignity they deserve as #human beings if we want to bridge the great divide in the Church. #Jesus #Catholicism #poor
2021-08-29 - Finding Jesus In The Rules
Aug 29, 2021
If you have ever wondered if rules in the #Catholic #Church were too pharisaical, perhaps a reminder that our #faith is Incarnational - we are soul and body - will help us see that sometimes the rules help us to find #Jesus. #Catholicism #Christianity
2021-08-22 - The Queenship Of Mary
Aug 22, 2021
#Mary is crowned Queen of #heaven and earth and this should be tremendous news for all of us. Imagine what it would be to discover that you are a part of the Royal Family. #Jesus #QueenshipofMary #God #Catholicism
2021-08-15 - Building A Prolife Culture
Aug 15, 2021
Leah Jacobson, Founder and CEO of the #GuidingStarProject and author of #WholisticFeminism, joins us in the final episode of a special 6 episode series on #Feminism. In this episode, we discuss the essence of creating and sustaining a genuine pro-life culture. #Jesus #God #Catholicism #Christianity
2021-08-01 - The Crisis In Women's Healthcare
Aug 1, 2021
#LeahJacobson, founder and CEO of the Guiding Star Project and author of #WholisticFeminism, joins us in part 4 of a special 6 episode series on #Feminism. In this episode, we discuss the series condition of the #healthcare industry as it relates to #women. #Catholicism #Christianity
2021-07-25 - Feminism, Gender & Realizing The Gift Of Our Bodies
Jul 25, 2021
#LeahJacobson, founder and CEO of the #GuidingStarProject and author of #WholisticFeminism, joins us to discuss #feminism, #gender ideology and the realizing the gift of our bodies. In addition, we touch upon the difference between creating yourself versus accepting who you are. Ultimately no person is a mistake or cosmic joke and your #body has purpose and meaning. #Jesus #Catholicism #Christianity #God
2021-07-18 - How Consumer Culture Is Driving Feminism
Jul 18, 2021
Leah Jacobson, founder and CEO of the Guiding Star Project and author of Wholistic Feminism, joins us in part 2 of a special 6 episode series on Feminism. In this episode, we discuss Feminism and how it is driven by a consumer culture.
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