EWTN Favorite and Scripture Scholar Fr. Mitch Pacwa analyzes Church Traditions and Teachings in light of Sacred Scripture during this weekly live program.
Nov 28, 2023
“If Jesus is with us, why doesn’t He answer our prayers?” “What happens after we die?” Fr. Mitch answers these and other viewer questions on this edition of his mail bag show.
In today’s Bible study, Fr. Mitch explains how Jesus’ silence in the face of accusations provided the means for him to accept our guilt and fulfill His role as “Suffering Servant.”
Fr. Mitch compares Peter’s denials of Jesus to clergy who have broken promises of celibacy and chastity due to loneliness, the lust for pleasure and the misplaced desire for love.
Fr. Mitch looks at Jesus’ trial in the court of Annas the High Priest, where he is brought before being sent to Pontius Pilate, and how Peter responds when the pressure is on him.
Fr. Mitch addresses the arrests, trials and media coverage that accompanied the clergy sexual abuse crisis and examines our Lord’s experiences at His trials before the authorities.
Fr. Mitch discusses Jesus’ arrest under cover of darkness, exposing the crowd’s cowardice, and fulfilling Zechariah’s prophecy the shepherd would be stricken and sheep scattered.
In today’s Bible study, Fr. Mitch Pacwa compares Judas’ betrayal of Jesus to modern day clergy who foolishly seek position, power and status through their role in the Church.
Fr. Mitch looks at how Judas tried to reduce Jesus’ authority to make his act of betrayal easier to commit, comparing it to certain corrupt clergy who justify their own betrayal of the Good Shepherd and their own flocks.
Fr. Mitch uses the disciples sleeping in the Garden of Gethsemane while Jesus prayed to illustrate that many people neglect or even avoid a serious prayer life, which makes them more susceptible to various temptations.
In today’s Bible study, Fr. Mitch looks at the agony Christ suffered during prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, how the angel strengthened Him, and the reasons many people neglect or even avoid a serious prayer life.
Jesus’ willingness to make himself vulnerable by going to Gethsemane is today’s Bible topic. Fr. Mitch shows how Jesus turns to intimacy with His Father in the face of his coming betrayal, trials, torture and death.
For today’s live, interactive Bible study, Fr. Mitch takes you to the Garden of Gethsemane. He draws upon Scripture from Isaiah 53 to help explain the role of the sufferings of Christ and His disciples.
In today’s Bible lesson, Jesus focuses His disciples’ attention on the importance of believing He is the Lord, but tragically, they’re oblivious to the clues revealing the identity of the traitor in their midst.
In today’s Bible study, Fr. Mitch examines in-depth the disciple’s discomfort about having their servant-minded Master wash their feet. He also explains how Scripture was fulfilled by Christ treating Judas as a friend.
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