Host Doug Keck and his guests reveal the lives and works of renowned Catholic authors, unveiling the Christian themes and philosophy that inspired their writing.
Kids will love these two books with phrases children love to repeat, Bible verses and illustrations. Plus, playful rhymes and enchanting drawings from the Benedictine Sisters.
Susan Joy Bellavance presents children’s stories overflowing with the love of God, holiday seasons, and family. Plus, three new releases sure to become instant family favorites.
Bishop Robert Baker talks about his new book of stories and reflections on Sacred Scripture and the saints that provides hope and inspiration for the Advent and Christmas seasons.
John Martignoni highlights the flaws in Protestant teaching, using the Bible as his reference, and instructs Catholics on how to explain and defend Church teachings in clever ways.
Fr. Spitzer joins Doug Keck at the Napa Institute to examine the striking scientific evidence for the beginning of the universe, and the mystery behind near-death experiences.
A conversation with author Susan Tassone whose children’s book demonstrates God’s enduring love for us in the journey to Purgatory and the rationale for this place of atonement.
John Henry Crosby presents his book of collected essays of Alice von Hillebrand, which were often critical of the advance of relativism and modernism in the Catholic Church.
EWTN's own Raymond Arroyo gifts us with The Magnificent Mischief of Tad Lincoln, his new Turnabout Tales picture book. The story of Abe Lincoln's White House days and the love of father and son makes this a great family read.
Karl Broussard dismisses modern woke absolutes such as “Thou shalt not be a racist” and exposes the relativism lurking behind these scoldings. The new relativism’s subtlety is to be flatly countered by Christians holding to the truths of Scripture.
EWTN Affiliate St. Brigid Media of Ireland promotes EWTN and all its offerings across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Faith of Our Fathers is one of St. Brigid Media’s recent powerful film outreaches broadcast on the network.
Peggy Stanton's memoir of her White House beat as a TV news correspondent, from the 60s through her conversion and experiences in Medjugorje. Also featured, a book based on her daily one-minute Ave Maria radio spots on the Catechism.
Catholic League president Bill Donohue shares how woke programs of America’s public officials have been systematically undermining Western civilization for years, dealing death blows to our traditional family structure.
Sep 24, 2023
Fr. Cedric Pisegna has written a new book about prayer, about connecting with God and deepening our relationship with Him. He also explains what we should do if God doesn’t seem to listen or our prayers aren’t working.
Fr. Walshe’s work and ministry shine through three books discussed: the Beatitudes reveal God’s plan for happiness, we hear how to keep family members in the Church, and we learn about mining Jesus’ parables and teachings for heavenly secrets.
“Every action Cardinal Francis George took and every suffering he endured was about serving others and pointing them to Jesus Christ,” biographer Michael Heinlein comments. The pages of Glorifying Christ reveal precisely this.
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