Catholic Connection

Teresa Tomeo, host of Catholic Connection, discusses social issues, media awareness, and interviews community leaders and newsmakers live. Teresa reports on news throughout the Catholic community and how we can make a difference.
EWTN President & COO Doug Keck has the latest news on EWTN programming! Mark Hart has information about the "Renewed and Received" programs from Ascension.
Fr. Mitch Pacwa discusses New York City's Mayor Eric Adams and how his positive spiritual comments have drawn criticism. Louis Brown from Christ Medicus Foundation talks about the U.S. bishops' statement which states that Catholic healthcare providers should not perform gender transition procedures.
The Catholic League's Bill Donahue talks about his new book, "The War on Virtue". Joan Lewis brings us the latest news from the Vatican!
Teresa speaks to Bishop Donald Hying about the film, "Santiago: The Camino Within", in which he narrates as well as being featured leading pilgrims on the journey along the Camino de Santiago. Dr. Jared Staudt discusses his book, "How the Eucharist Can Save Civilization".
Father Paul Kern with the Dominican Friars Foundation talks about the Dominican Rosary Pilgrimage. Also, Rev. James Harden discusses the second time his pro-life clinic in Buffalo has been firebombed.
Teresa friend and longtime Detroit media personality Chuck Gaidica shares his story of coming back to the Catholic Church.
Fr. Mitch Pacwa delves into the insanity around gender ideology and why we need an international women's day. Matthew Zahn shares information on FOCUS mission trips.
Scott Smith encourages readers to entrust your family to St. Joseph, just as God, Himself, did in his book, "Consecration to St. Joseph for Children and Families". Joan Lewis shares all the latest Vatican news.
Leonardo Defilippis from St. Luke Productions gives an update on the company and the current productions that are in the works.
Teresa and Doctor Scott French who works closely with Father Robert Spitzer talk about pursuing the truth to our lives.
Teresa broadcasts live from the EWTN studio is Washington, D.C., and speaks with Doug Keck, the EWTN president and Chief Operating Officer about the future programming at the network. Teresa also speaks with Steve Ray!
Fr. Mitch Pacwa delves into the insanity around gender ideology and why we need an international women's day. Teresa chats with Johnnette Williams about the Pittsburgh Women of Grace retreat coming up on March 24 - 26.
TT speaks with Archbishop Joseph Naumann about his recent letter, also about the good news cruise in 2024! Joan Lewis drops by with the latest news from the Vatican!
Kathryn Jean Lopez & Dr. Matthew Bunson have news about a two-day conference being offered by Franciscan University and EWTN news, Journalism in a Post-Truth World. They and renowned journalists gather to discuss the challenges of modern media, ethics bias and covering the Catholic Church.
Anthony DeStefano shares his latest children's book, "Greenlee is Growing", a beautiful, poetic rhyming picture book that celebrates the four seasons and how they interact with the seasons of our lives. Gail Buckley Barringer shares the Bible verse of the week.
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