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#10095 Ask a Priest - Fr. Sebastian Walshe
May 8, 2021
Questions Covered: 05:20 – What is the difference between the orthodox and Catholic churches?  12:05 – My daughter is in a same-sex relationship. If she decides to get married, could I attend that ceremony?  17:00 – I heard that in Mexico, women can get married to Christ, as an alternative to becoming a nun. Is that a real option and what is the reason for it?  20:16 – My brother told me to wait to have a baptism for a baby past 14 days of their life is a mortal sin. Is that true? If not, how can I respond to him?  29:00 – Why are priests so easy on people in the United States? It’s not very traditional or orthodox, when in Mexico, it’s much more intense.  35:05 – How did sacramentalism develop? Is it possible that it developed as a reaction to Gnosticism?  44:50 – My husband and I want to do our kid’s faith formation at home, rather than sending them to classes. Is that possible to do?  49:14 – Is it okay in the Church’s eyes to get a prenuptial contract before getting married?  52:30 – How much money do priests make in a year?  …
#10094 Why Don’t You Accept the Pope? - Joe Heschmeyer
May 7, 2021
Questions Covered: 15:15 – Why should we believe that we’ve had valid popes since Vatican II?  20:32 – I don’t believe in the pope because I don’t know how the papacy was established.  34:02 – I am a recent convert to the eastern orthodox church. I don’t accept the papacy because infallibility of the pope does not excuse the bad popes that have been. How does infallibility deal with a bad pope?  43:03 – I am an Anglican. What are your thoughts on Isaiah 22 and the “keys to the kingdom”?  47:15 – I am a new Catholic. When I have questions, I defer to the Vatican because I feel like it’s all we have from Christ to lead us. Is this a correct way to think about things?  …
#10093 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin
May 7, 2021
Help us meet our quarterly Radio Pledge Drive goal by donating here! Questions Covered: 05:22 – What do you think of using Bayes’ Theorem to predict the probability of the Resurrection of Jesus?  14:22 – Does the Church teach that people are innately good but commit evil acts, or that people are evil when they’ve committed evil acts?  23:42 – I am not Catholic yet. What happens if I die before I can go to my first Confession?  31:50 – How do I know if I am hearing God’s voice?  42:10 – If Mary had stepchildren by Joseph, would they have had a responsibility to care for Mary after Jesus died?  49:23 – When the Final Judgement happens, will people experience purgatory any longer?  …
#10092 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin
May 6, 2021
Help us meet our quarterly Radio Pledge Drive goal by donating here! Questions Covered: 11:00 – What would Jesus have thought the stars were? What did people at that time think that they were?  19:10 – What are we to do with Old Testament books like Samuel and Chronicles, which seem to be anachronisms? Should they trouble us?  31:53 – At the Last Supper, were the bread and wine transubstantiated?  35:40 – Why did the Church reject the gospel of James?  44:01 – Is the Roman Catholic understanding of reality based on God’s Word and revelation? For example, atheists might have a theory of knowledge based on empiricism, while Christians seem to believe in creation based on the Bible, God’s Word.  …
#10091 Open Forum - Tim Staples
May 6, 2021
Help us meet our quarterly Radio Pledge Drive goal by donating here! Questions Covered: 07:33 – What is the difference between Calvinist vs. Thomist predestination?  20:07 – What happened to Matthew 23:14 in Catholic bibles? It is not there!  33:30 – How should a catechumen go about his Catholic journey if he commits a mortal sin while in the process of becoming Catholic?  48:15 – I recently attended a Melkite Catholic liturgy and wondered – how can we preserve the identity of these rites when pastors and bishops of these eastern Churches are responsible for ministering to Christians of all rites?  …
#10090 Open Forum - Tim Staples
May 5, 2021
Help us meet our quarterly Radio Pledge Drive goal by donating here! Questions Covered: 09:20 – Did Mary make mistakes?  18:55 – Is John 14:28 claiming that the Father was always from the beginning, but Jesus came after?  36:05 – Can the idea of the development of doctrine aid the validity authority of the Magisterium? I am a Lutheran checking out the Catholic Church.  50:08 – Can western and eastern rite Catholics attend each other’s liturgies in order to fulfill their weekly or holy obligations?  …
#10089 Open Forum - Trent Horn
May 5, 2021
Help us meet our quarterly Radio Pledge Drive goal by donating here! Questions Covered: 06:21 – What is the difference between Catholic and Roman Catholic?  19:12 – If Adam and Eve had not sinned, would they have experienced death?  32:26 – How can I respond to people who are comparing my choice to get the covid19 vaccine with a woman’s choice to get an abortion?  40:57 – What happened to the Church when the Roman empire was destroyed?  48:47 – What is Catholic teaching about the Sabbath? What was the Sabbath?  …
#10088 Open Forum - Trent Horn
May 4, 2021
Help us meet our quarterly Radio Pledge Drive goal by donating here! Questions Covered: 08:06 – Why do the early Church fathers’ opinions about things carry more weight than an individual’s opinion today? Are the beliefs of the early Church more than just opinions?  17:47 – In Matthew 5:48, Jesus says, “Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” What does that mean?   30:57 – How do we know that Jesus’ powers come from God and that we’re not being tricked by the devil?  42:00 – Paragraph 1220 from the CCC says that baptism signifies communion with Christ’s death. What does that mean?  46:23 – What is the difference between penal and substitutionary atonement?    …
#10087 Helpers on High: The Intercession of the Saints - Karlo Broussard
May 4, 2021
Why do Catholics pray to Mary and the saints? Questions Covered: 15:51 – Do souls in heaven have the authority or ability to intercede for those who are living?  21:05 – Protestants say that the saints will not pray for us because they are too involved in the adoration of God to worry about any of us on earth. How can I respond to that?  24:08 – My father passed away on Friday. He wanted his ashes to be spread in the gulf. Is that acceptable in the Church? Why or why not?  33:23 – How does Mary receive my prayer requests if she is not omnipresent?  42:00 – When the saints intercede for us, do they just intercede to Jesus or to the entire Trinity?  46:45 – Whenever I talk to a Protestant, their first objection to Catholicism is praying to Mary, saying there is no biblical evidence for it. I reference the wedding at Cana. Am I going about this in the right way?  51:41 – Protestants ask me why Paul or Peter didn’t pray for the intercession of the Old Testament saints in Scripture. How can I respond?  …
#10086 Communion and Abortion - Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone
May 3, 2021
What does the Church say about supporting abortion and receiving the Holy Eucharist? Questions Covered: 20:14 – Since Nancy Pelosi is in this diocese does she present herself to receive communion and is she given it?  22:29 – I want to express my admiration for what the archbishop is doing. He is doing a wonderful job. How can I convince my bishop to follow suit?  30:00 – Why are the bishops speaking out about this after the election and not beforehand?  32:25 – If a person voted for Biden, knowing his stance and movements on abortion, is that person in some way implicit in the abortions that happen as a result?  34:03 – It gives me joy that you are speaking out about this. Will the USCCB issue a more distinct message to the Catholic people before the next elections in 2022?  37:30 – If I am a Eucharistic minister and a person approaches me for Communion who I know practices abortions or directly promotes them, can I refuse them Communion?  43:58 – How do we change the hearts and minds of voters?  48:59 – Is the hesitancy on the part of the bishops to speak out against politicians because of the amount of money that the government gives the bishops?  50:50 – Do you believe that excommunication is warranted for politicians who promote and promulgate laws supporting abortion?  …
#10085 The Catholic Answers Game Show – LIVE - Karlo Broussard
May 1, 2021
#10084 Win the Person, Not the Argument - Joe Heschmeyer
Apr 30, 2021
Questions Covered: 14:21 – How can I get my fiancé to accept God and not be angry with Him when it seemed like he wasn’t there for her in a really hard situation?  19:50 – My buddy is a Baptist and is interested in the Catholic faith. I don’t know how to talk to him without arguing or seeming like I am just trying to convert him.  23:23 – I am a member of a Christian ministry that includes Protestants. One of the leaders supports his homosexual son’s lifestyle and I said that it was wrong. He went crazy. How can I speak to him going forward?  36:17 – I want to be Catholic but my family is Pentecostal. How do I get on track to becoming Catholic?  44:33 – I am a Catholic but haven’t been to Mass in years. I got divorced and remarried a Christian. My family thinks there is a conflict in me being Catholic but attending Protestant Church. Is that true? How should I talk to them about it?  …
#10083 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin
Apr 30, 2021
Questions Covered: 01:39 – Are there different levels of heaven?  19:00 – If God is all merciful and forgiving and loving, why does he send anyone to hell? Why doesn’t he just put them to sleep?  28:37 – Why do people call God a conscious being?   36:00 – If time loops were a reality and people were sent back through these time loops when they died, how would that affect “til death do us part” in marriage?  43:49 – Is it a doctrine of the Church that Mary is co-Redemptrix?  53:24 – If there is a faithful Catholic with a terminal illness and are at peace with dying, should we stop praying for that person’s healing?  …
#10082 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin
Apr 29, 2021
Questions Covered: 03:39 – What is the difference between Protestant and Catholic mystics?  15:14 – How can I argue well for the authority of the Catholic Church to a person who finds Sacred Tradition to be unbelievable and circular reasoning?  22:47 – What was the culpability of Pontius Pilate in Jesus’ Passion and death?  41:05 – Is it ever okay for Christians to consume media that portrays demonic possession or activity?  47:56 – How can I engage Mormons on the topic of the great apostasy?  …
#10081 Why Are You Pro-Choice? - Stephanie Gray Connors
Apr 29, 2021
Stephanie Gray Connors explains why the Catholic Church is pro-life and what that really means. Questions Covered: 08:55 – I don’t know if I am pro-choice. I believe it may be acceptable in some cases to have abortions if the mother’s life is in danger.  18:15 – I am not comfortable with the comfortable with Catholics telling non-Catholics that they can’t have abortions. Why should Catholics dictate their beliefs on other people?  29:45 – Do you distinguish between early term abortion and late term abortion? Is one worse than another? Is contraception tantamount to abortion?  41:36 – I am pro-choice because I do not believe it is the government’s place to say what women can do with their bodies.  …
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