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#10071 Life After Death: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory - Karlo Broussard
Apr 22, 2021
Questions Covered: 07:18 – Can the souls in purgatory pray for the living souls on earth?  11:50 – How many days would a person stay in purgatory and is it as harsh as I’ve heard it is?  16:34 – How can we know when a soul has moved on from purgatory? If this is in eternity time is that quick, how does that relate to earthly time?  19:31 – How is free will maintained in the afterlife?  29:18 – I’ve heard at the final judgement, everything we’ve ever done will be revealed, does that count for things we’ve already confessed and been forgiven for?  36:45 – I was taught that if someone dies after they’ve gone to mass and confession directly after divine mercy Sunday, that they are absolved of all forms of their sin. Is that true? I was also told that this is the equivalent of how clean your soul is after baptism, is this true?  40:30 – In the New Testament letters they speak about heaven offering justice, peace and joy. I understand peace and joy in heaven but what about justice. How and why does justice exist in heaven?  47:16 – What’s the purpose of purgatory if you can have an indulgence prayed for you when you are near death and you can make it to heaven? 47:16 – What’s the purpose of purgatory if you can have an indulgence prayed for you when you are near death and you can make it to heaven?  51:30 – I have a three-year-old son, and we had a recent death in the family, how can I help him see and understand death without just saying the family member is just in heaven?  …
#10070 Life After Death: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory - Karlo Broussard
Apr 21, 2021
Questions Covered: 05:00 – How do you know if Plenary indulgences work?  14:00 – Why do we have to earn our salvation if Christ has already died the ultimate death for our sins? More specifically, can you offer clarification on purgatory in scripture when it seems contradictory to what is proclaimed in the gospels?  22:30 – How has the church’s teaching changed from the Counsel of Lawrence regarding hell? Council of Lawrence?  34:29 – What is the basis for purgatory in the bible?  42:06 – Have any of the saints spent any time in purgatory?  45:39 – How can the Saints or Mary hear our prayers from heaven and answer them?  50:55 – Purgatory was abolished years ago, can you offer clarification about when St. Christopher had his help removed.?  01:12 – Station of the cross radio…Karlo just mentioned the good thief being able to go to heaven immediately, was that Jesus’ way of showing us how we could offer our worldly suffering in union with him so that can avoid purgatory or hell?  …
#10069 Open Forum - Tom Nash
Apr 21, 2021
Questions Covered: 03:25 – A Protestant told me that the Church made up the priesthood, especially using Hebrews 10:11 to say that priests can never take away sins. How can I answer this?  13:20 – What is Catholic teaching on the relationship between Church and state? Should Church and state be combined?  16:45 – What are the practical steps to becoming a saint?  30:00 – How does the Catholic Church understand the spirit and the bride in Revelation 22? How do they view God “the mother”?  41:20 – Catholics claim that Jesus rose bodily from the dead, which is a scientific impossibility. How do they defend that?  45:39 – What is the difference between doctrine, dogma, and teaching?  50:02 – What is the power of the [papal] keys? Does Peter exhibit this power in Acts when he has a vision of clean and unclean things?  52:12 – What does Revelation 3:16 mean?  …
#10068 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard
Apr 20, 2021
Questions Covered: 07:17 – How can I best support non-Catholic girlfriend who is learning NFP for the first time?  10:50 – My friend thinks that under certain circumstances, he can offer the Eucharist for himself, as a layperson. How can I explain to him how wrong this is?  22:13 – What is the proper interpretation of Matthew 5:18? Some people use this verse to say that we should still be under the Mosaic law.  33:20 – I was speaking with a Protestant family member who thinks that the gospels only apply to Jewish people, and the Pauline letters only apply to Christians. How can I respond to her on this?  44:24 – What does it mean when the “two become one flesh”? If a person has had a sexual partner prior to marriage, how can they become one flesh when they do get married to someone else?  47:20 – What does the Church teach about the salvation of the patriarchs, like King David and others like him?   50:43 – What happens to all the souls who were not granted Masses or Catholic burials because they died of suicide? I know that now the Church will bury them.  …
#10067 Beliefs of the Early Christians - Joe Heschmeyer
Apr 20, 2021
Questions Covered: 20:37 – Is it the Red Sea or the Sea of Reeds in the Old Testament of the bible?  28:43 – How early did Christians start praying to Mary?   …
#10066 Is the Mass a Sacrifice? - Steve Ray
Apr 19, 2021
Questions Covered: 13:18 – Why is the sacrifice of the mass so important to Catholics?  20:09 – How would Steve respond to non-Catholics who say “keep doing this in remembrance of me not in sacrifice of me” from Corinthian’s 11:24?  30:55 – What is the difference between the consecration of the bread versus the wine. For instance, when the priest holds up the host and says, “this is my body which will be given up for you and for many,” why is that different from when the wine is held up and he says, “this is my blood given up for you?”  34:31 – Why do many parishes not offer the cup to drink during communion, and how is that scriptural according to John 6  41:13 – Does Steve have any suggestions on how to teach children on the sacrifice of the mass?  46:34 – How can we as Catholics, who accept Jesus in the holy sacrifice of the mass as our lord and savior, be able to evangelize our secular and Pagan world by being tabernacles of his presence?  49:27 – Steve, how have we separated from our Protestant brothers and sisters over the sacrifice of the mass and how can we help them understand the truth of the consecration?  …
#10065 Your Bible Questions - Jimmy Akin
Apr 17, 2021
Questions Covered: 03:03 – Is the death and resurrection in baptism meant to mirror the death and resurrection of Jesus?  11:16 – Who are the Rephaim mentioned in Genesis 14 and Joshua 12? Are they in some way related to the Nephilim?  18:36 – In Hebrews 4:14-16, I wonder, how can a sinless God man relate or understand at all the sinner?  22:45 – Is the talk of veiling in 1 Corinthians 11:10 referring to the book of Enoch and the fall story and angels lusting after long hair?  29:56 – John 20:23 Jesus tells the apostles that the sins they do not forgive will be retained. Which sins are these?  32:10 – What did St. Joseph do for his work when Jesus was a child? Does the bible really tell us that Joseph was a carpenter, or could he have been a stone worker?  39:25 – Is there a biblical prophet who probably lived between 560 BC and 460 BC, when Confucius lived?  44:55 – 91.9 FM St. Joseph Catholic radio…Why did Jesus call the Canaanite woman a dog?  48:45 – What is the Catholic view of Christ’s kenosis in Philippians 2:5-11?  51:46 – Is the Joseph that married Mary the same Joseph of the Old Testament who became powerful in Egypt? If so, how old must he have been?  …
#10064 Your Bible Questions - Jimmy Akin
Apr 16, 2021
Questions Covered: 08:09 – Do men need to be infallible in order to determine the canon of Scripture?  18:57 – Where and how do Adam and his descendants in the Bible fit into the theory of evolution?  28:45 – In Luke 8:2, the demons were driven out of Mary Magdalene. How and why does God allow people to become possessed by demons?  35:37 – Why did Christ say, “Why have you forsaken me?” to his Father on the Cross? A Protestant preacher I heard yesterday said it was because all the sins of the world descended on him at that moment.  44:02 – Words of Peace and Goodness Catholic radio…John 5:19 says that the Son can only do what he sees the Father doing. How do I understand this in terms of the Incarnation, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus?  50:13 – At what point in the Bible was Mary deemed a saint or deity?  …
#10063 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin
Apr 16, 2021
Questions Covered: 04:16 – What is the morality of the covid19 vaccine? Is it safe and good for Catholic to do?  18:00 – I am married but not in the Catholic Church. Can I receive Holy Communion?  22:26 – If humans ever settled on Mars, which Church calendar would they use?  28:38 – When is one to admonish the sinner, especially in cases of marriage in the Church?  35:48 – Matthew 6:6 says to go into your closet to pray. My father uses that verse as an excuse to not go to church. How can I refute him on this?  42:23 – Is it true that the Catholic Church was responsible for the Dark Ages?  49:34 – What is the Catholic definition of apostasy or schism? Would it apply to a person who rejects the reality of the True Presence?  51:33 – What is your opinion about the q source in making the gospels?  Resources Mentioned: The Light Ages: The Surprising Story of Medieval Science …
#10062 Ask a Priest - Fr. David Meconi
Apr 15, 2021
Need to ask a priest? Fr. Meconi is here to answer. Questions Covered: 04:10 – Why is the principle of first fruit giving not taught in the Catholic Church?  07:06 – Which of the apocryphal writings are worth reading and learning from, and which ones should we forego reading?  11:46 – I am interested in becoming a priest. How does that work? How much freedom does one have in deciding one’s role in the Church?  13:46 – Is it permissible for a layperson to serve as a subdeacon if he is not on his way to Holy Orders?  15:13 – My brother convinced his girlfriend to get an abortion a few years ago and he just confided this in me. I am having trouble not being angry and forgiving him for it. What can I do?  17:30 – Why haven’t the clergy been teaching the laity? There doesn’t seem to be enough education or catechism for lay people.  23:11 – Why are certain elements of the Levitical priesthood retained in the Catholic Mass and priesthood while other Old Testament laws are completely done away with by Jesus?  28:44 – Why is Matthew 17:21 not included in so many Bibles?  33:05 – How can I convince someone that Christ is God? They asked me why he would call himself Son of God if he is God.  35:15 – How does our post-modern society, which doesn’t believe in real love, compare with the early pagan societies of Jesus’ time?  40:32 – Is a person who has an eating disorder in a state of mortal sin every time they misuse food or their body?  41:14 – Is it okay to date after a divorce?  42:57 – Is it okay to make a spiritual communion in Mass when you’re not in a state of grace and so can’t receive?  44:06 – I lost my brother to suicide. He struggled with diabolical things. Is my brother lost, according to Catholic teaching?  49:35 – I am a born-again Christian but not yet a Catholic. If I die, will I not be saved?  51:27 – My daughter has chosen a different sexual orientation. How can I talk to her about the truth of this? It is causing a lot of anger and frustration in our home.  Resources Mentioned: When a Loved One Dies by Suicide by various authors …
#10061 Why It Matters to Be Catholic - Karlo Broussard
Apr 15, 2021
Why be a Catholic and not a member of another faith tradition? Questions Covered: 06:53 – I am having a discussion with a Protestant friend who doesn’t think Catholics will be saved. How can I best prepare for the conversation?  13:45 – I don’t believe you need to be Catholic to be saved. I have a personal relationship with God, and it doesn’t matter to him if I am Catholic. I was not comfortable in the Catholic Church because it was just a bunch of rituals.  29:08 – My brother recently left the Church. At his church, they take communion that his pastor says is the body and blood of Christ. He says, why be Catholic when I can have the True Presence in another church?  35:19 – Why would someone want to be Catholic when the Church messed with the 10 Commandments?  45:04 – When I am talking to Protestants, the conversation often turns historical. Distortions of history are presented and it is difficult to authoritatively address these misrepresentations of the Church. How do I best have these conversations and is there a resource respected by Catholics and Protestants to establish the historical truth?  50:19 – I was raised Baptist but am really interested in the Catholic Church. I am told a lot that Catholics worship Mary. Is there biblical evidence for saying the ‘Hail Mary’?  …
#10060 Why It Matters to Be Catholic - Karlo Broussard
Apr 14, 2021
Why be a Catholic and not a member of another faith tradition? Questions Covered: 18:30 – In Lumen Gentium, it says that all religions participate in the truth of God. This is confusing. How can Catholicism be the one true faith, but a Church document also states that other religions kind of have it right, too?  33:05 – There seems to have been a shift in the Christian faith in general that the Lord is always merciful, and not about his justice. People say, yes, I am not Catholic, but I will be fine because God is merciful. How would I respond to someone who approaches being a part of the Church without conviction?  41:46 – My son is not Catholic because he agrees with Protestants who say that you just have to profess your life to God and that’s it. How do I speak to him about this?  …
#10059 Open Forum - Fr. Paul Keller O.P.
Apr 14, 2021
Questions Covered: 01:30 – As a new convert to the faith how can I be a strong Catholic witness in a predominantly protestant area?                     06:55 – What are Trent’s thoughts on Liberalism and if it is reconcilable with Catholic social teaching?                                          16:50 – How the teaching on Indulgences changed, or did it?  21:28 – Are my sacraments valid if I was baptized in the western right but confirmed in the eastern right? How does the validity of rights translate? Do you need permissions? Which Church do I belong to according to Canon law?  28:58 – How can I defend Baptism to a friend who doesn’t believe in it?  35:29 – If Adam and eve were immortal and God told them they could eat anything in the garden why did they sin by eating the forbidden fruit?  44:20 – Why was the head covering on the Shroud of Turin never mentioned?  41:10 – Since the St. Michael the archangel prayer has been prayed for over 60 years how come its requests have not been completed- to cast all the evil spirits into hell?  46:50 – Since the early development of the sacrament of Reconciliation are all sins classified as grave since they may not have been considered grave in the beginning; and are they also forgiven under the once in a lifetime public penance?  …
#10058 Open Forum - Trent Horn
Apr 13, 2021
Questions Covered: 06:30 – What are Trent’s analysis Arguments for atheism today?  14:31 – How can God’s power be his intellect and does the trinity disprove divine simplicity?  21:22 – Why does the Catholic church make you wait until April/Easter to get baptized, and does that prevent salvation in the case of an accident or sudden death?  31:23 – Do humans have unique essential (not accidental) properties and if they do can that be the basis for free will? (& divine omnipotence)  45:30 – I am looking for clarification on Mark 13:30? Can Trent speak to how Muslim apologists claim Jesus’ prediction in this verse is embarrassing/invalid or shames Jesus’ divinity?  52:26 – Is marriage a moral or social agreement considering marriage did not come to be until hunter-gatherer societies became Agricultural societies?  …
#10057 Tips for Defending the Faith - Trent Horn
Apr 13, 2021
Questions Covered: 02:34 – How do you defend the Eastern Catholic Church against roman Catholics who say they are not part of the apostolic church?  15:08 – How do you defend your reposition if the person opposes you defines the same term differently?  23:26 – What other bible passages can I use to explain to my protestant friend that Mary is our mother?  28:40 – What are Trent’s top 3 book recommendations for someone who is just getting into apologetics?  33:23 – How do you defend the traditional Latin mass when it attacked often?  44:29 – How do you defend opposition to the saints?  52:08 – How do I approach my former catholic friend, who went to catholic school even throughout college who now claims she is Buddhist? How do I approach someone who has anger with Catholicism?  …
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