EWTN Favorite and Scripture Scholar Fr. Mitch Pacwa analyzes Church Traditions and Teachings in light of Sacred Scripture during this weekly live program.
In Mark 8, the Pharisees challenge Jesus’ ministry, asking for a sign to test Him. Fr. Mitch uses today’s Bible study to explain how the blindness is not limited to the Pharisees, it afflicts Christ’s disciples as well.
In today’s Bible study, Fr. Mitch recounts the second multiplication of the loaves and fish, and he explains how this miracle is linked to the institution of the Eucharist, which Jesus offered to Jews and Gentiles alike.
In today’s Bible study, Fr. Mitch explains Jesus’ desire for secrecy about his mission. Christ wanted to preserve His humility and meekness, and show that being Messiah is not primarily connected to performing miracles.
In this live, interactive Bible study, Father Mitch Pacwa concludes his discussion of the Syro-Phoenician woman’s interaction with Jesus and begins looking at the how Jesus healed a deaf man in Mark, chapter 7.
Fr. Mitch explains why we must listen to Jesus. He uses the story of the Canaanite mother to show the importance of listening as Jesus reveals His mission for the world, rather than us telling Him what we want to do.
The deadly storm on the Sea of Galilee is the subject of today’s Bible Study with Fr. Mitch. In the midst of the howling wind and towering waves, Jesus approached the disciples on the water, saying “Fear not. I am.”
In his lesson on the miracle of the loaves and fishes, Fr. Mitch explains how Christ abundantly met the crowd’s need for sustenance, while maintaining His own focus on being alone with His Father in personal prayer.
In today’s live, interactive Bible study, Fr. Mitch explains how Jesus reminds His disciples that the message they have to deliver will not be well received by everyone, but they need not fear. He will sustain them.
Fr. Mitch continues his contemplation and study of the martyrdom of John the Baptist in today’s live, interactive Bible study. Learn how this event both affected and inspired the Apostles to fulfill their mission.
Jesus’ multiplication of the loaves and fishes is today’s Bible study. Fr. Mitch explains how the effects of this miracle still linger in the Middle East because of the Evangelists faithful recording of traditions.
Today’s interactive Bible study examines how the crowds following Our Lord evoke His compassion and desire to perform many miracles, and how the disciples react to Jesus’ answer after they present Him with a problem.
Fr. Mitch explains why faith is necessary in the midst of grief, suffering and fear. Jesus invites us to reach a deeper level of faith, leading to an enhanced personal relationship with Him that raises us to eternal life.
Recounting the healing of the hemorrhaging woman and the raising of Jairus’ daughter, Fr. Mitch cautions us not to project our own small minded ideas of God onto how we approach Jesus, the Eucharist and the sacraments.
While traveling to heal Jairus’ daughter, Jesus encounters another woman in need of healing. Fr. Mitch explains the relationship between these 2 miracles, and how the gift of faith can be used by Jesus to make us whole.
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