EWTN Favorite and Scripture Scholar Fr. Mitch Pacwa analyzes Church Traditions and Teachings in light of Sacred Scripture during this weekly live program.
Our Lord’s interaction with the leper in the first chapter of Mark’s Gospel is the subject of today’s live, interactive Bible study. Fr. Mitch explains how Jesus is the “physician of our souls,” curing us of our sins.
In today’s Bible study, Fr. Mitch examines the first chapter of Mark, and asks what we can learn from the mindset and motivation of the leper who approached Jesus. He also looks at Jesus’ three-way response to his plight.
If you have a question about matters of faith or church teaching, Fr. Mitch is devoting today’s show to answering emails from viewers. To be part of the mailbag, send your questions to
In today’s interactive Bible study, Fr. Mitch shows how Jesus’ desire for solitude in prayer evoked an almost selfish desire among the people to keep Him with them. This causes us to examine our own desires and motives.
Imagine giving up everything to follow a dream. In his live, interactive Bible study, Fr. Mitch tells us the first disciples did just that in order to follow Jesus, making them witnesses to His many miracles in Galilee.
In his live, interactive Bible Study, Fr. Mitch points out how Jesus rewards the fisherman, Simon Peter, with a massive catch of fish. This miracle leads to a decisive exchange between the fisherman and the Savior.
Our Lord’s mission of evangelization is the subject of today’s interactive Bible study. Fr. Mitch examines Simon Peter’s reaction to the news, how Jesus enlightened him, and how we might feel, were we in the same place.
Journey through the Sacred Scriptures and traditions with Fr. Mitch Pacwa. Today, he discusses the importance Jesus placed on His own private personal prayer life, and what Our Lord was actually seeking in His prayer.
Fr. Mitch, in his live, interactive Bible study, takes us to Capernaum to discuss the healing of Peter’s mother-In-Law and how Jesus engages the kingdom of darkness in direct combat by healing and exorcizing many people.
Fr. Mitch talks about Christ’s mission to Capernaum in today’s live, interactive Bible study. He explores Jesus’ exorcisim of the man in the Synagogue with an unclean spirit, and the healing of St. Peter’s mother-In-law.
As we grow closer to our Lord through the study of the Sacred Scriptures and prayer, we all seek answers to the many questions that come to mind. Today, Fr. Mitch dedicates his entire show to answering your emails.
In today’s live Bible study, Fr. Mitch explains why Jesus preached, taught and healed in the synagogues. He was not trying to compete against the Pharisees and Sadducees, but rather to draw all people to the truth.
Today’s Bible study looks at 2 ways in which we try to avoid Jesus’ call to repentance as outlined in the Gospel of Matthew. Fr. Mitch also examines the calling of the first 4 disciples – Peter, Andrew, James and John.
The wedding feast at Cana provides the perfect illustration for today’s Bible study with Fr. Mitch. He ponders how Christ resolved the problem presented to Him, and explains how through it, He blesses all marriages.
In the Bible, the wedding feast at Cana shows us how Jesus solves a problem that was brought to him by Mary. Fr. Mitch encourages us to bring our own problems in life to Jesus, and leave the solutions in His hands.
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