Host Doug Keck and his guests reveal the lives and works of renowned Catholic authors, unveiling the Christian themes and philosophy that inspired their writing.
St. Thomas Aquinas truly does rescue modern psychology. Fr. Brian Mullady explains the great Dominican’s writings on healthy psychology, and how this fits into Catholic moral teaching concerning areas such as Freudian sexuality.
We desire eternal love but often experience betrayal and broken promises. Sr. Faustina’s Litany of Trust shows how Jesus reaches out to us, inviting us to love Him, and then how to apply this trust in our lives.
Suffering is a part of life, but Our Lord’s crucifixion, death, and resurrection shows us the path of bringing good work out of suffering. This small, durable companion is a treasure trove of Catholic theology, prayers, and novenas.
Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson discusses his essays on faith and citizenship that explore how Christian witness and religious liberty intersect. He notes the Constitution’s framers put Freedom of Religion first in the Bill of Rights.
Teresa Tomeo believes God is reaching out to us all the time. We’re just too busy to listen. She talks about her new book detailing a baker’s dozen of experiences people have had with God when they simply listened.
Learn to speak for those who have no voice. Dr. Steven Christie presents rebuttals that pro-life advocates can use to persuasively and cogently explain their pro-life stance at a moment's notice, with clarity and power.
Children will love Anthony Destefano’s introduction to angels. His new book, with music and sound effects, explains their creation by God, the rebellion of Satan, and the role of the Archangels and Guardian Angels.
Mystery of the Altar has daily meditations, concise but inspiring excerpts from the first through the 21st century. “A devotional for the laity, a homiletic resource for priests, and a catalog of Eucharistic texts for contemplation,” Howell sums up.
It’s a true story that reads like a best-selling thriller. Fr. Bill Watson explains how Romauld Spasowski, a high-ranking Communist official, secretly fed information on the party to Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II.
Michael Pakaluk shares insight on his new book designed to help Catholics become more careful readers of the New Testament. It features eyewitness testimony from Mark, a scribe for the teachings of St. Peter.
Dr. Ray Guarendi discusses his new book, “Living Calm: Mastering Anger and Frustration,” which helps moms and dads better deal with child tantrums and bad moods, by taking a close look at family life and discipline.
In his new book, popular canon lawyer, commentator and pastor, Fr. Gerald E. Murray, provides his insights on the challenges our society faces today, and how to apply our faith in God to His never-failing providence.
Fr. Joe Laramie shows us the way to deepen our relationship with Jesus based on the teachings of St. Ignatius Loyola. His guide to a personal retreat can be absorbed over a long weekend or 10 Sundays in a row.
Pope St. John Paul II said of St. Faustina’s apparitions of Our Lord, “There is nothing that man needs more than Divine Mercy.” Fr. Chris explains what Divine Mercy is, and what Our Lord’s appearances to a little Polish nun in the 1930s were all about.
A conversation with Cardinal Fernando Filoni about the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, and the spirituality, membership and mission of this Catholic order of knighthood under the protection of the Holy See.
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