Host Doug Keck and his guests reveal the lives and works of renowned Catholic authors, unveiling the Christian themes and philosophy that inspired their writing.
Spiritual and nonspiritual struggles are explained with insights from The 14 Rules of St. Ignatius, real-life examples and their remedies. Also discussed is “the vocation saver” book, a field guide for parish priests in their lives and ministry.
During a time of great suffering for the Mexican people, the homilies and reflections of Archbishop Luis Maria Martinez gave them comfort and solace. The wisdom and spiritual guidance in this collection can be ours today, also.
The meaning of holiness, as Scripture defines it, and how it appears in every book of the Bible, from the description of the Sabbath in Genesis, to Revelation's characterization of the saints in heaven, is discussed.
Anthony DeStefano has written a charming and insightful children’s story which follows a little girl through all the seasons of her life, with an emphasis on the timeless values of faith, joy, fortitude, and love.
Leading Catholic author George Weigel discusses why Vatican II was called, what it actually taught and implemented, and how the Church was to be reenergized for mission so that its members would live out their lives as evangelical Catholics.
If we question God in prayer, isn’t that a sign of a lack of faith? These and many other questions about praying to God are answered in this discussion on our prayers of desperation, which seek answers in our darkest moments.
Fr. Robert Nixon has translated six small books from Latin manuscripts by famous medieval saints and authors, heretofore unavailable to the general public. The writings are inspiring and meant to be meditated deeply upon.
This prayer guide is intended first for the autistic Christian Catholic, then for autistic individuals who may be thinking about Christianity, and lastly for families, schools, and parishes interested learning about autism in the Christian setting.
A high school group's ongoing impact on Fr. Jack Peterson’s life led to his entering the priesthood, and Fr. Jack now seeks, in his work with young men and women "to bring the knowledge and love of Christ to this generation.”
In his new book, Fr. Cedric Pisegna proposes Bible-based solutions to solve real life issues that we all face, including loneliness, finding peace, making life decisions, and going forward from grief or depression.
Paula Umana’s story is one of a professional tennis player, quadriplegic, and mother of five, but she also brings us the stories of those suffering from disease, addiction, or abuse, and their wisdom in rising from tragedy to triumph.
The co-founder of Silent No More talks about the pressures teens are subjected to, including to have an abortion when life gets complicated. The risks of contraception and abortion are also downplayed, as is the lifelong sorrow.
Stephen Auth’s longtime tour of the NY Metropolitan Museum has become a pilgrimage for those he guides, and for the readers of this book, who realize that the paintings they see awaken a longing in their hearts for the eternal and for God.
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