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At least 4 people are dead after a bomb ripped through a Sunday Mass at a university in the Philippines. A Catholic parish in Michigan is fighting to protect its mission from a recently revised state law. And, Pope Francis continues to recover from lung inflammation and the flu.
The truce between Israel and Hamas has ended and Israel has resumed airstrikes in Gaza. The US House has expelled a member for the first time in over 20 years, George Santos is out. A look at the recipients of this year's Ratzinger prize. And a new Catholic social media platform.
Tributes are pouring following the death of former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. Congressman Chris Smith chaired a global human rights hearing focused on the imprisonment of Bishop Rolando Alvarez. And, a look at the Catholic vote in US presidential elections.
Hamas continues to release hostages they've been holding although very few have been Americans. Americans for Prosperity Action officially endorsed presidential candidate Nikki Haley in her bid. And, a new study says states with restrictions on abortion are seeing an uptick in the number of births.
US Supreme Court justices are facing backlash over allegations of ethical lapses. An all-women's Catholic college decides to admit biological men who identify as women. And a look at why there are 43 million displaced children in the world on National Adoption Month.
Pope Francis remains in the hospital after being diagnosed with breathing difficulty and inflammation of the lungs. And, an agreement to extend the current cease fire between Israel and Hamas was reached. The US House & Senate remain billions apart on a government funding bill.
In a special edition of EWTN News Nightly dedicated to the Holy Eucharist, we speak with Bishop Andrew Cozzens about the ongoing Eucharistic Revival, look back at the history of the Corpus Christi Solemnity, and hear from Blessed Carlo Acutis’ mother about her son’s love for the Eucharist.
Israeli officials discuss a hostage deal. Pope Francis expresses concern over the direction of the Catholic Church in Germany. And a look at how the feast of Thanksgiving and its meaning share a deep connection with the Catholic faith.
Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley is now right behind former President Trump in the Republican race. Former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter, has died at the age of 96. And a look at World Day of the Poor with Pope Francis yesterday.
President Biden met with the Mexican President to discuss the drug & migration crises. A renewed effort by Puerto Ricans to make the change from territory to US state. And a report shows an increase of anti-Christian hate crimes in Europe by 44% over the last year.
On "EWTN News Nightly" tonight: The government is now funded until early next year. New developments in a story about an online tool for helping clergy and people learn more about the faith. And, a clinic in the Vatican is taking in frail people, providing them specialized care for World Day of the Poor.
President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held meetings in California. The USCCB is supporting a request to name Saint John Henry Newman a doctor of the Church. And Academy Award nominated actor Antonio Banderas discusses his new musical "Journey to Bethlehem."
Catholic activist Mark Houck and his wife are seeking more than $4 million in damages. An appeals court in Finland unanimously dismissed hate speech charges against lawmaker Paivi Rasanen. And today is the first public session of the US Bishops' Fall Assembly in Baltimore, Maryland.
Pope Francis has ordered the removal of Bishop Joseph Strickland as the head of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. House Speaker Mike Johnson unveiled his plan to fund federal agencies as the budget runs out in 5 days. And the US has announced new airstrikes in eastern Syria.
The question has been raised whether work permits should be granted to illegal migrants. The American Medical Association may reverse their stance on assisted suicide and take a neutral position. And a whistleblower claims social media giant META is failing to protect teens.
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