The global presence of the Catholic Church is alive in the many diverse cultures sharing our faith. In this series, international guests from around the world highlight rarely told struggles and victories of The Universal Church.
Farming families join Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe for a discussion of how working the land sows the seeds of their faith. Like any crop, faith must be planted, nurtured, protected and cultivated to produce a bountiful harvest.
If you’ve ever wanted to be a Media Missionary, this program’s for you. Jim Pinto and his team detail their evangelization efforts, and how they’re making a difference every day in parishes all across the country.
An interesting topic. Doug Keck and his distinuished panelists debate a Catholic’s role as caretakers of the Earth. How does God, our Creator, want us to treat our planet? How can we worship God by protecting Mother Earth?
Our Open Line Radio hosts are back, revealing why they enjoy what they do. Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Fr. Wade Menezes, and Colin Donovan explain how audience interaction gives them strength while benefitting their listeners.
Farming and faith go hand in hand. As witnesses to the bounty of God’s goodness, farmers from around the world join Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe to reveal how the fruit of the land has strengthened their family’s faith.
Jim Pinto and a panel of Media Missionaries lead viewers through the history of this innovative program. Learn how their unique relationships with Mother Angelica pushes them onward in their evangelization efforts.
If God is loving and merciful, do we need to apologize for our wrongdoings? Doug Keck and panelists Colin Donovan, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Fr. Chris Alar explore the depths of God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness.
They’re the voices of EWTN Radio’s Open Line. Today, radio hosts Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Fr. Wade Menezes, and Colin Donovan open up about their individual journeys to EWTN, and how the Holy Spirit led them to the airwaves.
Father Miguel M. Soeherman, Mother Marie André and Sister Guadalupe of the Divine Master join Father Joseph on the panel to discuss what led them to choosing to live a life devoted to the Most Blessed Sacrament.
A roundtable with the most prominent women in Catholic Radio. Jack Williams moderates the discussion as they explain their unique role in the Church’s mission, and reveal their struggles and successes working the air waves.
Dr. David Anders, Fr. Robert Spitzer and EWTN VP of Theology, Colin Donovan join host Doug Keck to discuss a common area of confusion. What is difference between evangelizing or proselytizing? We’ve got the answers.
For those wishing to do more to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there’s no better calling than to become an EWTN Media Missionary. Several of them join Jim Pinto to discuss the impact of this service on their lives.
Religious communities devoted to the Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament are a reassuring presence throughout the world. Fr. Joseph convenes a panel of them to explore the importance of adoring our Lord perpetually.
What is the role of the Blessed Mother in our life of prayer, our everyday struggles, and our battle against Satan? Johnnette Williams and a panel of experts look at Mary’s maternal beatitude in the lives of the saints.
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