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Kresta in the Afternoon is what Catholic radio has been missing: a daily conversation - personal, authentic and human. It looks at all of life through the lens of Scripture and the teaching tradition of the Catholic Church. The scope is not limited to spiritual subjects...our host Al Kresta talks abortion, war, peace, dissent, old age, New Age, heavy metal, light eating, politics, church affairs, current events, family and marriage, movies and media, theology and apologetics, sports, crime and business. It's talk radio where God matters.
A Wisconsin priest has publicly advocated for laws that would force priests to break the seal of the confessional when they are told of sexual abuse. Matthew Bunson has the details. Also, we look to Mary at the Annunciation with Leonard DeLorenzo for advice on how to help our kids make decisions in their own lives.  
We take a step-by-step journey through the Stations of the Cross with Steve Ray. 
Bach was a musical genius, but why do so many scholars overlook his personal faith? Michael Marissen joins us, and Peggy Stanton helps us to prepare this Sunday's Gospel - the raising of Lazarus. 
Ambassador Joe Cella shares how you can send a spiritual bouquet to persecuted Christian leaders, and John Czarnetzky looks at the history of the Due Process principle at the Supreme Court..
We talk with Joe Jordano about not being "averse to adversity" and Steve Gleason shares his journey back to the Catholic Church.
Deacon Steve Hilker explores how the laity and deacons can work together in the New Evangelization. 
Why does an attitude of "radical inclusion" lead to moral confusion? We talk with Archbishop Joseph Naumann, and Al discusses the meaning of autonomy. 
As the only state with an abortion bill on the ballot this year, Ohio has become the next battleground for the pro-life movement. Peter Range explains why, and Dr. James Keating examines who killed the Catholic University. 
We celebrate the solemnity of St. Joseph with Mark Miravalle, and Al looks at what a strange new law in Germany tells us about media, medicine and society. 
Liz Lev shares some examples of how St Joseph, the "Silent Knight," has been depicted in art, and Meg Meeker has some tips for becoming a stronger father. 
Guest Host Marcus Peter talks with Tim O'Donnell about cultivating strong marriages in a hookup world.
Guest Host Marcus Peter celebrates the Feast of St Patrick by looking at Irish history and society with Phil Campbell.
What's going on with these bank failures? Economist Robert Whaples helps clear it up. Also, Peggy Stanton looks to this Sunday's Gospel and the healing of a blind man, and Ambassador Joe Cella has the latest on Jimmy Lai. 
Does everyone go to Heaven? Michael McClymond joins us to kick off a brand-new video discussion, and Irish singer Dana lights a fire in our hearts with St. Patrick. 
Al gives us a Christian perspective on Anger and we talk with Fr. Richard Gallagher about discerning God's will. 
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