Beyond Damascus

The show where encounter meets mission. On this program, Dan, Brad, and Aaron will give you practical tips on how to live out your faith every day. We'll get into actionable steps of what it means to have an abundant Catholic life and share things that we've learned through our personal journey's about overcoming obstacles, pursuing joy, and living a meaningful life. Tune in each week!
Being persistent with intentions!
This week the guys discuss puruing God!
God pursues us!
Brad, Dan, and Aaron discuss what it means to actually Do the New Evangelization that JPII actually meant, and not just a buzz word that can be thrown around. We are all called to evangelize, not just produce content to put out into the void. Jesus has called us to do meaningful work and to seek and save the lost!
The Fatherless Generation- A Crisis in Faith
Up, In and Out-Cultivating Community
Persevering when mission work gets tough.
Brother Nathaniel talks about embracing poverty- no money, no problem!
This week the guys discuss the life and legacy of Pope Benedict XVI
Guest Pete Burak discusses living like apostles and not losing our call.
This week the guys discuss pursuing the Lord as one.
This week the guys discuss Generation Z and loneliness
This week the guys discuss living the authentic life- putting Jesus back into our speech.
Making Advent about Jesus and putting Christ at the center of Christmas.
Discovering God's promise for you!
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