Fr. Spitzer answers viewer questions on a wide range of subjects, including: Reason, Faith, Suffering, Virtue, and the Existence of God.
Satan has promoted a false doctrine that God looks only at a believer’s imperfections, not the good they have within. Today, Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck dispel that myth, and discuss topics and stories making news.
Questions for Fr. Spitzer include whether a Catholic turned atheist can be saved, do Mary and the saints play a role in exorcisms, and is the Shroud of Turin a product of medieval photography? Hear his surprising answers.
With the recent Supreme Court decision on abortion, many Catholics have questions regarding the Church’s teaching. Fr. Spitzer answers them all, including ectopic pregnancies, frozen embryos, and end of life care.
The Holy Spirit never stops providing inspiration for us to choose God, but it’s up to us to make the choice. Doug and Fr. Spitzer discuss this, plus how to answer 5 key questions about abortion and the Catholic Church.
Questions sent in by viewers include demonic possession, how to treat those with same-sex attraction, marriages without the possibility of conception, obligations for end of life care, and sins that priests cannot absolve.
Father Spitzer and Doug explore seven myths about overturning Roe v. Wade, and discuss how Satan disguises the emptiness, alienation and loneliness arising from a life of depravity by providing false consolations.
Doug and Fr. Spitzer discuss Supreme Court rulings, anti-Catholic attacks and threats against pregnancy centers. Plus, more topics from Father’s book, including why those without religious convictions are easy to tempt.
How does the devil always know which sins are the most attractive to us? Fr. Spitzer and Doug discuss how to resist temptation, and debate whether a Catholic professor can maintain his identity in a secular school.
Continuing their discussion on cardinal virtues, Doug and Fr. Spitzer show how the power of conscience brands evil actions with deep feelings of shame and guilt, while branding good actions with honor and nobility.
Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck discuss the Texas school shooting, the decision to prohibit Nancy Pelosi from receiving Communion, and how the cardinal virtues can be a useful tool to help us fight and resist temptation.
Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck discuss frozen embryos, Planned Parenthood profits and how temptation can be viewed in a completely secular sense, forsaking long-term goals for the satisfaction of temporary strong urges.
At the center of free will is our capacity for self-consciousness. As they cover topics from Father’s new book, Doug and Fr. Spitzer explain how this enables us to create our own inner world and our own moral essence.
Evil spirits work within the confines of human freedom. They cannot overwhelm, suppress, or destroy freedom, because human beings are not robots. They’re responsible for their actions, and must be vigilant against evil.
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