Fr. Spitzer answers viewer questions on a wide range of subjects, including: Reason, Faith, Suffering, Virtue, and the Existence of God.
Topics in the news, questions from viewers, and more from Father’s new book, “Escape from Evil’s Darkness,” including how Jesus forms a new covenant with us through the Eucharist, a covenant guaranteed with His blood.
Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck explain the first and most important habit for deepening our spiritual conversion is participation in the Eucharistic liturgy, and the reception of the real presence of the Lord at Communion.
Our hosts examine the sin of pride in literature by looking at Shakespeare’s Macbeth, showing how no one can escape being judged by one’s own actions. Plus, topics in the news, viewer questions and our book of the month.
Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck discuss examples of pride from literature. In Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” Father explains how the devil tries to convince fellow fallen angels it is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
A growing number of non-Catholics seek ashes on Ash Wednesday, Vermont moves to relax rules for assisted suicide, the plumeting birth rate in Japan and our increased vulnerability when we separate ourselves from Christ.
Fr. Spitzer and Doug discuss the destructiveness of pride in the Bible, as when Saul was transformed from a humble man to a proud king who flagrantly disobeyed the Lord. Plus, a first-hand look at miracles from Lourdes.
As they examine the sin of Pride, Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck explain why a proud man undermines and injures others for the sheer pleasure of it. Causing pain to others gives him control and makes him feel superior.
As they cover topics from Father’s book, our hosts explain how pride results in the marginalization of God, religion, empathy and conscience, causing the ascendency of the absolute, arbitrary and the cruel use of power.
Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck reflect upon the death of George Cardinal Pell, and discuss the upcoming Marches for Life. Plus, how the growth of pride triggers a corresponding decline of empathy, conscience, care and love.
The enduring impact of Benedict XVI’s papacy. Plus, Fr. Spitzer and Doug discuss Envy, a nearly uncontrollable irrational passion, bordering on intense hatred, that will eventually consume the person from which it comes.
Just when our hosts thought they’d answered all of our viewers’ questions about Christmas, a new mailbag has arrived with many more. See what’s on the minds of Catholics as they approach this most holy of seasons.
Questions about Christmas are on the agenda for today’s show. Doug and Fr. Spitzer discuss their Christmas traditions and plans, and respond to queries from our viewers about Advent and the true meaning of Christmas.
Fr. Spitzer and Doug continue their examination of the sin of envy, showing how it’s the root cause behind Cain’s motivation to kill Abel and Saul’s desire to kill David. Plus, the latest news and questions from viewers.
Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck discuss how the sin of envy figures prominently in the Bible and lies at the center of two important initial narratives in Genesis: the story of Adam and Eve, and the story of Cain and Abel.
Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck respond to questions on the minds of our viewers. Topics include angels, rosary beads, religious articles, non-Catholic prayers, the weather, apostolic pardons, the final judgment and anxiety.
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