Light of the East

This unique program reveals how the riches of the Eastern Catholic Churches - their liturgies, spirituality and relevancy - are a gift to the whole Church and to today's world.
Words like Perichorresis, Kenosis, Theoria Theologica sound unfamiliar but together with the liturgical monastic tradition they make up the potpourri of Eastern spirituality.
Three great ascetics are put before our eyes as our guides at this point of Lent. As Pope Saint John Paul II said, 'Monasticism is the reference point for all of the baptized.'
There's a humanitarian disaster on the southern border in the United States of America. For a simple solution look no further than the Liturgy of the Eastern Catholic Churches.
On the Second Sunday of Lent, we focus on contemplative prayer which enables us to see the crises in Ukraine, the mystery of the Cross put before the eyes of the world.
We revisit a fundamental question that is often asked and often not well understood. What exactly is meant by the different Rites of the Catholic Church? How and why are they different?
The Season of the Great Fast, Lent, emphasizes almsgiving for which the Eastern Catholic Churches are a worthy focus as they are at the epicenter of much global strife.
In the temple, the elder Simeon holds Christ in his hands and then asks to be dismissed from this world. What do we say with God entering our entire being?
The next runner to receive the baton in the relay race has to start running before the actually receive the baton from the previous runner. So it is now in the liturgical calendar of many Eastern Churches.
Within only a few weeks of each other two giants have been lost to the Church in these modern times. How does this concern or impact the Eastern Catholic Churches?
Almighty God raises up in each age, certain persons who turn the Church and the world on its axis. Pope Benedict XVI in our age and the desert monastics in an early age are some examples.
As though being born in a manger in Bethlehem was not humbling enough, Our Lord lowered himself into the Jordan River for our sins and God as Trinity was revealed.
Blessed New Year to all! Don't take down the decorations just yet. We are not finished with the immersion into Our Lord's Incarnation and Divine Condescension.
All families have their story, from sinners to saints. So it is with the family of Jesus Christ. But God still works out his Divine Plan which is the miracle of this season.
Apprehensive about who's coming to Christmas Dinner? This Sunday in the Byzantine Catholic Church can be helpful as we look at the genealogy of Jesus Christ.
Many people today, suffer from a lack of foundation and a sense of belonging. The genius of the Church has something to offer as we observe today and next Sunday, the patrimony of the new born Savior, Jesus Christ.
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