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The Beacon of Truth with Deacon Harold Burke Sivers is a show for listeners of all ages who want to strengthen – or to learn to develop – a deep, personal, loving relationship with Jesus Christ. Covering hot topics that are currently in the news and that may be causing people to lose hope; guests who address a specific topic like marriage and the family or sexual addiction; as well as your questions. Deacon Harold also brings his love of the psalms, music, and the many talks he gives at parishes across the country to each days show. Join "Dynamic Deacon" at 4 p.m. ET weekdays on EWTN Radio.
Today Deacon Harold jumps into Soulful Psalm 119-GIMEL and provides incites into how we can support our kids in their vocations to the faith.
Deacon Harold understands how it feels when Loved Ones are away From the Church. So what do we do, that's today's conversation plus we look at Soulful Psalm 105:16-22
Jun 19, 2024
For Word of God Wednesday Deacon Harold is talking about John 6:1-15 and Miracle Feeding as well as Soulful Psalm 107:1-9
In establishing the Church, the Lord established everything that makes that Church to be what it is. The institution of the Sacraments by Christ is seen as a direct consequence of the institution of the Church by Christ. So, it’s not so much a direct action on one occasion by Jesus, so much as the whole action of the institution or establishment of the Church; that's what's come from Him, and then as that Church started establishing patterns or ritual behavior for itself, that is Christ instituting those Sacraments, but in an indirect fashion. It is in this sense that we find Confirmation in the New Testament. Talking more on this today along with Soulful Psalm 144
The Council and earlier Liturgical Movement intended something very different from what the “new view” had in mind. Deacon Harold breaks that down today answering the question "Did the Mass Fail After Vatican II?" and looking into Soulful Psalm 105.
As we celebrate Father's Day, Today Deacon Harold welcomes Father Joseph and Thom Price to the roundtable discussion on the influence of a Father or the absence of one in our lives but also how our Priestly Father's are a powerhouse in our lives. Also Deacon looks into Soulful Psalm 134
God touches our lives in so many amazing ways and when we seek him with passion and conviction on pilgrimage, we are making a spiritual investment that will have everlasting rewards. Deacon Harold shares more of his experiences and the benefits for you as you decide to go. Also looking at Soulful Psalm 122.
Jun 12, 2024
There are no limits to God’s mercy, but anyone who deliberately refuses to accept his mercy by repenting, rejects the forgiveness of their sins and the salvation offered by the Holy Spirit. Today Deacon Harold opens John 3:16-36 for Word of God Wednesday and looks at Soulful Psalm 119.
The difference between covenant and contract in the Old Testament and throughout the Bible is profound. It's so profound that we could almost say that it's the difference between prostitution (contract) and marriage (covenant), or between owning a slave (contract) and having a son (covenant). Today Deacon Harold competes The Theological Virtues talking about LOVE and a look at Soulful Psalm 18:1-7
According to CCC 1817, Hope is the theological virtue by which we desire the kingdom of heaven and eternal life as our happiness, placing our trust in Christ's promises and relying not on our own strength, but on the help of the grace of the Holy Spirit. Deacon Harold breaks it down and we also look more into Soulful Psalm 31.
Devotion to the Sacred Heart was revealed to us by Jesus when He told us, in the only direct mandate he gave, to imitate Him, by telling us "Learn from me that I am meek and humble of Heart." But the doctrinal foundation of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart was revealed on Calvary when the heart of Jesus was pierced by the soldier's lance and we are told there flowed out blood and water. Deacon Harold dives deeper today and also looks at Soulful Psalm 108.
Deacon Harold is joined by Author Sonja Corbitt to talk about Inner Sabbath for heart, soul, mind, and strength, and the gentle tsunami of healing occurring in the Church right now through the triumph of the Immaculate heart. Also looking into Soulful Psalm 50.
Why does Satan go after the woman first? Deacon Harold helps us understand the significance for Word of God Wednesday as we look at Mark 3:20-35. Also in the Soulful Psalm we dive into Psalm 142.
Today starts the 1st of 3 parts on The Theological Virtues and today we are talking about Faith and Soulful Psalm Psalm 113
Jun 3, 2024
Today's we are understanding the roles of saints in our lives and Deacon Harold dives into Soulful Psalm 101
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