The Bear Woznick Adventure challenges men to a deep, gritty and Manly Christianity. "The Most Radical Thing You Can Do In Life is Abandon Yourself To The Wild Adventure of God's Will." Discover the radical adventure of following God's will for your life every week on this one-hour show. PLUS Look for Bear's "Catechism in a Year" Daily 15 engaging discovery through each line of the Catholic Catechism.
ography distorts God's design of the human body and tears apart the natural bonds of society. The good news is that its grip on our culture can be overcome.  Bear and Steve Pokorny, author of Redeemed Vision, share how to break 's chains of bondage.  If you’re struggling with ography or are curious about what this ified culture does to our vision, this episode will bring you the truth that will set you free.

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