The Bear Woznick challenges men to gritty and deep masculine christianity. "The Most Radical Thing You Can Do In Life is Abandon Yourself To The Wild Adventure of God's Will" Discover the radical adventure of follow God's will for your life every week on this one-hour show. PLUS Deep Virtue two minute podcast about living the Seven Cardinal Virtues.
BWA489 Adam Minihan & David Niles of the Catholic Man Show | The Bear Woznick Adventure
May 8, 2021
Two long time friends discuss with Bear their favorite Manly Beverages, how God used their friendship to start a Radio Station, a Radio Show & how now they are each learning to lead their young families in Christ & teach their sons how to use the tools in a tool box.
BWA488 Allan Smith | The 7 Last Sayings of Christ from the Cross | The Bear Woznick Adventure
May 1, 2021
How the 7 lastings give us a remedy to over come the 7 Deadly Sins & How they Lead us into the & Virtues.
BWA487 Fr Vincent Lampert Exorcist | Part 3 Defeating the Enemy | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Apr 24, 2021
Fr Vincent Lampert, exorcist for the Arch Diocease of Indianapolis, the sudden joy someone radiates when they are set free & then how the Church leads that person to wholeness in Jesus.
BWA486 Fr. Mark Goring | Our Response to Cancel Culture | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Apr 17, 2021
Father Mark, Cast Member of Long Ride Home, discusses our response to the pandemic, the cancel culture and the growing angst for Christians.
BWA485 Fr Vincent Lampert Exorcist | Part 2 Defeating the Enemy | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Apr 10, 2021
Father Vincent Lampert, the Exorcist for the Arch Diocease of Indianapolis, shares what happens in an actual exorcism & what it is like to see the power of God free people. How do people become ensnared. Why Protestants come to the Catholic Church to be set Free.
BWA484 Fr Vincent Lampert Exorcist | Part 1 Defeating the Enemy | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Apr 3, 2021
Scripture says Satan is the "Fleeing Dragon." Fr. Vincent, exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, discusses how to defeat the wiles of the enemy.
BWA483 Fr Don Calloway | St Joseph - Terror of Demons | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Mar 28, 2021
Good surf friends Fr Don Calloway & Bear Discuss the Many example of St Joseph & how men can reach out to him for inspiration & strength in order to live a life of Virtue & lead by example
BWA482 Bear is interviewed on his own Show | God Calling You to Action | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Mar 28, 2021
The tables get turned on Bear as Bill Snyder interviews Bear about how God is challenging and leading us during these gnarely times
BWA481 Jon Leonetti - Get Over Yourself | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Mar 13, 2021

Bear & Jon talk about having a certain disinterestedness in ourselves and our agenda and how to love and serve others for God's sake.

BWA480 Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers - Be Bold for God | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Mar 6, 2021
Get out of your Safe Place and get Bold for God. Calling men to true brotherhood and standing up to the darkness that is invading our society. As you are faithful in small things, God trains you and prepares you & SENDS you to use your gifts in Powerful ways in his kingdom.
BWA479 Early Church Response to Pandemic Wars & Persecution (Mike Aquilina) | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Feb 27, 2021

Bear's number one returning Guest Mike Aquilina and Expert on the Early Church's discusses how the early church responded to the darkness & persecution of its time.

BWA478 Hope to Die (Dr Scott Hahn) | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Feb 20, 2021

Dr Scott Hahn discusses the 4 Last Things in detail; Death, Judgement, Heaven & Hell.  What actually happens at the moment of our death? What is the first judgement? What is the second judgement.?

BWA477 Philosophy - Answering the Atheist (Dr Peter Kreeft) | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Feb 13, 2021

Dr. Peter Kreeft returns to discuss the best ways to respond to Atheists.

BWA476 Defeat Satan The Biggest Bully on the Block (Jesse Romero) | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Feb 6, 2021

Jesse Romero & Bear talk about their personal experiences dealing with demons and how you need to be prepared to so too. As an evangelist, Bear has encountered demons as people are first surrendering to Jesus. Jesse works with his Diocese exorcism team.  Things get real.

BWA475 Deliver us From Evil Invading the Church (Fr Mark Goring) | The Bear Woznick Adventure
Jan 30, 2021

Fr. Mark Goring discusses what is at stake in the church today as the "Smoke of Satan" has infiltrated the Church. How do we show filial respect and love for our Priests and Bishops while we challenge them (and the whole church) to be true to the Moral & Doctrinal Teachings of the Church?

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