The Bear Woznick Adventure challenges men to a deep, gritty and Manly Christianity. "The Most Radical Thing You Can Do In Life is Abandon Yourself To The Wild Adventure of God's Will." Discover the radical adventure of following God's will for your life every week on this one-hour show. PLUS Look for Bear's "Catechism in a Year" Daily 15 engaging discovery through each line of the Catholic Catechism.
Adam Henrichs Is the founder of Creatio, a group whose mission is to guide people to encounter the beauty of creation and the creator through outdoor adventure and service to the poor and environmental stewardship. In this episode Bear and Adam discuss the God instilled desire for us to be one with nature. Is God wild? Why did God create magnificent mountain ranges and powerful waves out of a black hole? Does God have a desire for adventure? Adam tells how these questions can all be answered by stepping outside your door and experiencing God’s creation.

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