The Bear Woznick Adventure challenges men to a deep, gritty and Manly Christianity. "The Most Radical Thing You Can Do In Life is Abandon Yourself To The Wild Adventure of God's Will." Discover the radical adventure of following God's will for your life every week on this one-hour show. PLUS Look for Bear's "Catechism in a Year" Daily 15 engaging discovery through each line of the Catholic Catechism.
This week on “The Bear Woznick Adventure,” you’ll meet a man who rides bulls, flies helicopters and fishes on ice.  He’s also learned a thing or two about how to be a manlier Christian.  Join me as I talk to my friend Chris Gokey about his adventures and his deeper conversion in the Catholic faith. You’ll learn:  How a chance encounter at the gym challenged his faith, and how another chance encounter gave him the answer How one gift made a big impact on his faith...but not at first How he learned to be a manlier Christian…and who he found as the best example for it. Hear all this and more in this week’s episode. You don’t want to miss it!

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