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Adrianne graduated from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. In her early career, she focused on classical and sacred music. She and her husband, Thom, left Cincinnati and moved to Los Angeles to follow their careers. As a singer, actress, and voice-over artist, she also worked behind the camera in the production of made-for-TV films, TV commercials and industrial films. While in LA, Adrianne sang under the direction of Gregorian chant master, Dr. Paul Salamunovich. Sadly, severe vocal nodules plagued her for many years, which kept her from a full-time singing career. Miraculously, she was healed of her nodules in 1998. Since then, she has been giving thanks to God for her healing by singing only sacred music. As a soloist, she appears frequently on EWTN Global Catholic Television Network. She has been a cantor/soloist for many years while living in Cincinnati, LA, Minneapolis, and Birmingham, and sings for other Christian venues. Adrianne lives in the Birmingham, AL area with her husband Thom. They have one son, Spencer Thomas Joseph, and a small zoo of pets. Website:

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